A range of De-humidifiers wheel mounted for portability. Mains operated. They remove moisture from the air to assist in drying and can give health benefits too.

Ambient air is pushed through an air filter by the fan, then it passes through a cooling coil (evaporator). The air temperature quickly decreases and the air condenses on the cool coil into droplets. Water is either collected in a tank with overflow protection or drained through a water drainage hose continuosly. The outgoing cold dry air passes through the heating coil before its reintroduced into the room.

The refrigerant used in the Munters XR series is R134A to protect the environment and ozone.

Proven throughout the world our 'CR' range of dehumidifiers will suit almost any application you can think of and even some you can't

SEALEY's range of industrial, commercial and domestic portable dehumidifiers.